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AppBar preview

Paladore features an AppBar that can be be used to customize the site. By default the bar is turned on. All players can use the bar and apps, but a few apps will require crystals to use. Players can add as many apps as they want to the bar, but can currently only have 3 open at a time.

Free AppsEdit

  • Helpful Holly - Provides hints and other useful information about the page being viewed
  • Quick Search - allows you to quickly search for content on Paladore
  • Shoutbox - Allows players to talk to anyone regardless of what page they are on
  • Notifications - stores all your notifications in one place for you to view.
  • Seeker - allows you to search for hidden items around the site


Cost 1,000 crystals

  • AutoPricer - Prices all items in your store based on 1 ruby less than the lowest price of all users. Users cannot confirm prices before saving them; they are auto-saved.
  • AutoQuester - allows you to quickly search for items asked in quests. It searches your Storage Box and User Shop and you can also ask it to auto-buy items from user shops.
  • Quicklinks - A place for all your favourite places around Paladore.

Limited AppsEdit

  • GM Mode - Can only be accessed by game mods