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28 Kiki
Type: Neutral Neutral
Palamorphs at: Lv 15
Starting stats:

Strength: 6
Defence: 4
Magic Attack: 1
Magic Defence: 1
Luck: 13

Found Around: n/a
Height: n/a
Weight: n/a stones

Palabase EntryEdit

Kiki are chubby feline Pali that are often pets. They plop their little bodies along side food carts and outside of restaurants begging for food. Kiki can be seen running through markets with a small pastry in their cunning mouths.


Palia Locations Adventure Locations
Mushroom Village: Danger Garden I The Lost Isle
Mushroom Village: Danger Garden II Ball Of Dust
Fallen Star


  • Kiki resembles a chubby Maneki Neko, which is thought to give good luck to its owner. (Explains why Kiki have such a high luck stat)
  • Maneki Neko originated from Japan. Most people mistake them as Chinese and call them The Chinese Luck Cat.
  • Kiki are considered one of the "crappy pali", since they are so easy to capture. Crappy pali are used to offer on other Pali in giveaways when they are held.



How to obtain: Add a Kiki Coin to your treasure
Credit: Journi (if I remember correctly, she posted in the SB)