There are two types of quests you can do: RPG Quests and Normal Quests.

RPG QuestsEdit

There are quests in the RPG Palia which are given to you by NPCs in Palia. These quests can give rewards such as Rubies, Abilities, and EXP. Some quests are as follows:

[Written in the form:] NPC - Location - Requirement - Prize

Normal QuestsEdit

The 'Normal Quests" are quests given to you by NPCs found on the world map. Each quest has User Titles and Avatars that go along with the quests. Getting the avatars are random.


Hungry Bob's Quests - Do quests for Hungry Bob, the lovable Hobo of Paladore. His quests require you to find him food items rarity R0 ~ R40. He rewards you with Rubies.
Amanda's Quests - Do quests for Amanda- Paladore's overzealous inventor. Her quests require you to bring random items ranging from rarity R0 ~ R90. She rewards you with Rubies and items.

Amanda's avatar.

Buck's Quests - Do quests for Buck - Paladore's badass. He requires 'rare and powerful items' rarity R80~R99. He rewards you with.
Darkness Quests - Darkness quests can only be attempted during night time. The items requested have various rarities, but all are black or related to darkness/night.
Brandon's Quests - Brandon asks for electronic items with a rarity range from R0~R99.
Palapee Quests - Eliza asks for various items, from R0~R99. You can only attempt her quests if you have a palapee. She can reward you with weapons, stat increases, and rubies.